Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks are a highly specialized business and Haworths specializes in them.

VAT is especially complex for caravan parks with special rules for the supply of utilities and significantly different rules for holiday parks than for residential parks.

Caravan Parks often undertake major capital projects and when they do it is vital to be able to prepare the best claim for capital allowances. This starts with the specification for the project because by simply specifying one make of equipment over another you can make a tax saving. Haworths knows how to do this.

There have been major changes to the way Inheritance Tax applies to Caravan Parks. With Parks being so valuable the amount of Inheritance Tax at stake is often very high and it makes sense to ensure you are maximizing your chances of being able to claim the tax relief which can reduce this potential tax bill to zero.

Do not overlook the structure of your business. Should you trade as a limited company, a sole trader or a partnership? What is right for one person may not be right for you. It may save Income Tax to trade as a limited company but will the change in structure affect your Inheritance Tax position?

Finally, our corporate finance service line can help you to buy, expand or sell your Park when the time comes.