Annual Accounts

Almost all businesses, regardless of size, need annual accounts, if only to work out how much the annual tax bill is or comply with Companies Acts filing requirements.

Larger businesses often use the annual accounts to review the year as a whole whereas for smaller businesses the annual accounts might be the only opportunity to look at the business accounts in the entire year.

Here at Haworths we always encourage our clients to take the time out and have a meeting on the annual accounts so we can explain them and proactively help the business person run their business more effectively.

It is often at this annual meeting with the accounts that ideas and concerns are formally expressed for the first time. These meetings often raise tax planning ideas as a direct result of our client being able to tell us what is in their minds.

We work hard to streamline our accounts preparation process as much as we can so that costs are contained without prejudicing the quality for which we are rightly well known.

So, whether you need the accounts to pay the correct amount of tax, meet your filing obligations at Companies House or you rely upon them to make important business decisions, Haworths is the firm for you.