Pensions Advice

Our sister company, Haworths Financial Services Limited, (which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) provides pensions advice to all forms of business, private individuals and trustees of existing pension schemes.

Whether you are an employee, director or owner of a business, pension planning has an important place. There are large questions to be addressed concerning the underlying investments and potential benefits and of course the amount to be paid into the scheme. These days the benefits from pension schemes are more flexible than they used to be. It is possible to pass on pension scheme funds following death and it is easier to make pension scheme funds work for the sponsoring company than it used to be. All this demands careful and proactive advice which we are able to provide.

Pensions attract substantial tax advantages, therefore, closely linked with pensions advice is tax planning, which is where Haworths is strong. Our tax planners work in the same room as the pensions advisers and so when we look at a particular situation, it is relatively easy for us to also consider our clients income tax, corporation tax and, if appropriate, Inheritance Tax position.